Welcome to Schoolcraft College

Dr. Conway A. Jeffress, President

Each year, more than 30,000 people enrich their personal and professional lives by taking part in a learning experience at Schoolcraft College. Thousands more experience Schoolcraft by attending a special event or by taking part in one of our many community outreach programs. I invite you to join them in discovering all that Schoolcraft has to offer.

Visit our campus and you will find a learning community that is alive with high technology, educational innovation, and personal enrichment. The campus extends onto the Internet, where Schoolcraft is a leader in providing online education. Yet at the heart of it all is the one-to-one relationships that our caring staff and faculty build with their students. Above all else, we value excellent teaching, and we take pride in our ability to accommodate different learning styles.

Visit our campus. See first hand why so many people bring their personal and professional dreams to Schoolcraft College.

Dr. Conway A. Jeffress, President
Schoolcraft College