Testing Center

Test Policies

* A Face Mask is Required on Campus *

General Policies

  • Photo identification is required for testing.
  • Tests cannot be started within ½ hour of closing.
  • Permission to make up a missed exam is the decision of the instructor.
  • Test materials are to remain within the Testing Center.
  • Unless specified by instructor, any exam must be completed in one sitting.
  • Students are responsible for testing and timing instructions as given by the administrator.
  • Cell phones and other electronics must be off and placed in lockers.
  • Snacks or drinks are prohibited in the testing room.
  • Watches, including traditional and SMART watches, need to be placed in lockers.
  • Books, notes and any other test aids not approved by the instructor must be placed in lockers.
  • Coats, hats, purses, book bags and other personal belongings are not allowed in the testing room.
  • Use the restroom before or after your test.  If it is necessary to use the restroom during a test, the student must obtain proctor approval before leaving the Testing Center.  However, if an instructor states that breaks are prohibited during a test, the Testing Center staff will NOT grant the break.  Please note that frequent or extended (~5+ minutes) breaks may be considered a test irregularity and may be reported to the instructor.
  • Appropriate testing accommodations are available for those with documentation of special needs (see https://www.schoolcraft.edu/dss/disability-support-services).
  • Individuals may not be accompanied by anyone while testing.
  • Students, staff, and visitors are not permitted to leave non-enrolled minors unattended on college property or in campus buildings.
  • Distance Learning course tests are given according to the schedule on the instructor's syllabus for each course.  Proctoring fees are not applied to Schoolcraft Distance Learning exams.

Cheating on exams will not be tolerated. No exceptions.


General Information

Students testing in the Center may purchase scantrons for 25¢. Scrap paper is available if needed. For make-up and distance learning testing, students should come into the Center knowing the name of the instructor and class. Testing Center is constantly under video monitoring and recording.

Make-up Testing

Students sometimes miss a test because of absence, illness or other extenuating circumstances. Arrangements can be made with instructors for make-up testing in the Center.

  • Testing by appointment only.
  • Photo identification required.
  • Permission to make up a test is the decision of the instructor.
  • Appropriate testing accommodations available for those with documentation of special needs.